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Technology and products
Multi-effect evaporator

   Multi-effect evaporator combines many single-effect evaporators as a evaporation systerm. According to the different joint forms, it can be devided into downsream type, countercurrent type and parallel flow type. The characteristic of multiple-effect evaporates is to use the second steam to push the latter evaporator, to save the energy consumption. Generally speaking, there are double effect, tri-effect, even more effect evaporation systerm. But the grade is more, the control points will be more, and the thermoelectric driving force will be smaller. The special details need to act according to the actual feasibility
 From the useage, the multi-effect evaporator can be devided into ordinary multi-effect evaporator and circulation multi-effect evaporator. Circulation multi-effect evaporator, on the basic of many circulation, increases circulation pump, to enlarge the material flow speed in evaporation pipe, enhance the heat transfer effect, and increase evaporation intensity. Circulation multi-effect evaporator can be used in the evaporation process with crystallization and thermosensitive material
  According to the customers’ different demands, our company can design double effect, tri-effect, quadru-effect,even more effect evaporation systerm
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