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Wastewater treatment special much evaporator

Evaporation of waste water treatment systems dedicated to introduce:
   Wastewater treatment of the importance and urgency now more and more attention, in general, the more complex the composition of wastewater, usually containing the salt of the wastewater for biological treatment in prior to going to get rid of salt, The method of desalting cold treatment and heat treatment of two, the so-called cold treatment is the use of membrane separation or reverse osmosis and so on, but the cold can not be completely separated from desalination, but the use of thermal separation (the method is the evaporation) of the condensed water can be salty completely divisible by the condensation of water can be used as process water for reuse or can be biological treatment of water discharge standards.
   Wastewater treatment are generally the following characteristics, 1, handle larger volume; 2, in the process itself generally does not produce economic benefits; 3, from the concept of waste is the non-heat-sensitive materials for.
   In light of the above characteristics, wastewater treatment system from the design point of view should be combined with a one-time investment and running costs to consider, from the running cost is mainly determined by the amount of steam, so the use of multi-effect film evaporator system or a more reasonable, but series needed more of a higher vapor pressure, level and class are also among the more control points, the greater one-time investment, so each system should be personalized according to the actual situation of dealing with, but also the basis of wastewater the composition of selected downstream type, current type, and flow patterns and even cross-flow type.
  Down in favor of material-type class and between-class transportation (high-pressure materials always take the above paragraph to the low-voltage);
 Countercurrent-type materials are suitable for the group of low boiling point (compared with water), or steam generated by the second contains the low boiling point of non-condensable gas, can not be on the promotion of the evaporator at a lower level;
  Cross-flow type is integrated downstream and upstream (more than three-way may be);
  And flow pattern is the simplest to operate and control, in each grade are basically the same as the evaporation of the situation;
    Thus the evaporation of wastewater treatment system must be based on tailored characteristics of wastewater.
    Multi-effect evaporation of wastewater treatment system and the general multi-effect evaporation system, the biggest difference is in the process of evaporation salt precipitation (with the crystallization of produce), so it is necessary to be successful crystals from the system, but also enable the system for normal operation , therefore, has to be based on the general system to increase the salt system, considered at the same time, saturated solution of the crystals can not be accumulated on the heating pipes on the wall, or evaporation system will fail in the general multi-effect evaporation system based on the increase in forced circulation pumps, supersaturated solution to speed up the heating pipe in the flow, so that crystals can not stay in the heated wall.
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