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Multi-effect evaporator
Fluctuation membrane evaporator
Wastewater treatment special much evaporator
Short distance distiller (popular name molecular distillation)
The characteristic of scraper
Film short distance complete set installment
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Technology and products
Film short distance complete set installment
Film short distance complete set installment

    As a professional manufacturer of evaporation, distillation equipment, providing related complete set installment is our duty. According to the character of material and the products’ demands, our company can choose the reasonable evaporation form and equipment for you. Meeting the customers’ demands is our objective.
The complete set installments include:
  1. Single scraper evaporator complete set installment。

Single-stage membrane system Scraper 
  3. Supplementary equipment of fluctuation membrane evaporator and scraper evaporator。
  4. Supplementary equipment of scraper evaporator and short distance distiller
  5. Multi-grade evaporation, distillation complete set installment according to the customers’ demand

Three small devices test kits

Fish oil refining installation kits

Imports of Feed Pump
Central Control System
In processing equipment
Several significant vacuum table
Thermal stress Bellows
High vacuum Ball Valve
The solenoid valve control system
laboratory using molecular distillation Single molecular distillation system
Quick-opening high vacuum storage tank running system
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