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Falling film evaporator national industry standards
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People's Republic of light industry standard falling film evaporator QB / T 1163-2000 instead of QB / T 1163-1991
Approved by the State Light Industry Bureau 2000-09-08 2001-02-01 Implementation
1 Scope
This standard specifies the falling film evaporator, the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage.
This standard applies to the dairy industry and the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries on the heat-sensitive materials, preheating, sterilization and evaporation of falling film evaporator.


2 Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions. At time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised, the parties should use the standard criteria of the latest version of the following possibilities.
GB 150-1998 Steel Pressure Vessels
GB 151-1989 Steel Tubular Heat Exchanger
GB / T 191-199. Pictorial marking for packaging
GB 4806.1-1994 standard rubber products for food
GB 5408-1985 sterilized milk
GB 12073-1989 dairy equipment, health and safety
GB / T 13306-1991 signs
GB / T 14253-1993 General Light Industry Machinery
GB / T 16769-1997 of metal cutting machine tools measurement of sound pressure level
GB 16798-1997 food machinery safety and health
QB / T 1588.4-1993 painting General Light Industry Machinery
QB / T 1588.5-1996 Light Industry Machinery Packaging General
QB / T 1823-1993 method for the model dairy machinery
QB / T 1826-1993 centrifugal sanitary pump


3 Products
3.1 Type
This standard specifies the type falling film evaporator tube should be.
a) whether according to the second steam heating for the second effect is divided into two types of single-effect and multi-effect.
b) whether it is compressed by use of secondary steam into thermal compression with and without heat pump compressor pump categories.
3.2 Basic parameters
3.2.1 evaporation series are as follows:
600,700,800,1000,1200,1600,2000,2400,2800,3200,3600,4000,5000,6000,7000,8000,10000,12000 kg / h
3.2.2 evaporating temperature
The first effect is not higher than 76 ° C, the end effect is not less than 38 ° C
3.2.3 Unit consumption of steam in Table 1,
Table 1 steam consumption kg / kg water
The number of non-thermal compression efficiency with a heat pump compressor pump Remarks
Single-effect 1.1 0.65 does not include sterilization
Double-effect does not include sterilization 0.60 0.46
Three-way - 0.28 do not include sterilization
Four-effect - 0.22 do not include sterilization
Five-effect - 0.19 do not include sterilization
Note: Use the saturated steam pressure 0.8 MPa (0.5MPa)
3.2.4 unit of water consumption in Table 2,
Table 2 Water consumption kg / kg steam
The number of non-thermal compression efficiency with a heat pump compressor pump Remarks
One effect of 15 ~ 20 11, including preheating
7.5 including the warm-double effect 10
Three-way - 5.5, including warm-up
Four-effect - 4.5, including warm-up
Five-effect - 4, including warm-up
Note: Cooling water inlet temperature 20 ° C below the water temperature of 40 ° C below.
3.3 The falling film evaporator comprises the following main components:
a) the main evaporator;
b) separator;
c) material preheating device;
d) high-temperature sterilization;
e) flash tank (multiple effect);
f) hot compression pump;
9) vacuum forming apparatus;
h) material pump;
i) feed tank;
1) The washing liquid tank;
k) electrical control devices.
3.4 Model description falling film evaporator, methodology should be consistent with QB / T 1823 requirements.
RNJM × - × B
R category code (milk and dairy machinery)
N classification code (condensed)
JM feature code (falling film evaporator)
× main parameters (evaporation kg / h)
× type algebra (effective number)
B Process Code (B and flow, C cross-flow)
For example: evaporation 1000kg / h, and the flow double-effect recorded as RNJM2-1000B

4 technical requirements
Manufacturing should be consistent with GB / T 14253 requirements.
4.1 The falling film evaporator should be consistent with the provisions of this standard in accordance with prescribed procedures approved manufacturing drawings and technical documents.
4.2 Where a secondary steam with the material and contact with metal parts should be used austenitic stainless steel, the material should be consistent with the provisions of GB 16798.
4.3 used to seal the documents should be consistent with the provisions of GB 4806.1, must be heat, oil, in the normal use of cleaning agents, disinfectants, does not corrode, no contaminated material.
4.4 The falling film evaporator light holes, depending on the hole of the glass should be heat-resistant glass.
4.5 materials, purchased parts, and spare parts supply unit should provide certification. Otherwise factory inspection should rear its prospective use. Do not use brand unknown, untested materials and inspection department of spare parts.
4.6 According to design requirements, welding shall comply with the provisions of GB 150. Electrodes should be used to meet the national standard.
4.7 All parts in contact with the material structure should facilitate the cleaning, disinfection, maintenance; transfer at the transition should be smooth, the interior angle of less than 1350, the transition radius R is not less than 6.5 mm, surface roughness Ra is not greater than 1.6 μm
4.8 the main evaporator
4.8.1 Evaporator main deviation should be allowed in line with GB 151-1989 4.2.1,4.2.2,4.2.3 requirements.
4.8.2 evaporator in manufacturing should be consistent with GB 151-1989 4.2.4,4.2.5,4.2.6 the relevant provisions.
4.9 separator, condenser, and steam for tank manufacture shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB 150.
4.10 evaporator
4.10.1 evaporator in 3.8.2 shall comply with the provisions of GB 151-1989.
4.10.2 evaporation tube should not have joints. Wall roughness is not greater than 3.2 μm R.
4.10.3 evaporator axis of Straightness deviation is less than the limit 2 / 1000 mm
4.10.4 evaporation tube sheet in connection with the connection, the ambient temperature not lower than -10 ° C.
4.10.5 Expansion After evaporation tube should not have cracks and sealing of the material flow and material defects.
4.11 board manufacturer shall meet the following requirements
4.11.1 tube plate surface should be smooth, clean, does not allow dissection, cracks and other defects, the surface roughness Ra is not greater than 1.6 μm
4.11.2 Expansion of the tube sheet hole surface does not allow the longitudinal and spiral through the notch.
4.11.3 tube sheet hole tolerance should be consistent with the provisions of GB 151-1989 Table 3-11. Pore surface roughness Ra is not greater than 12.5 μm
4.11.4 spans the width of bias should be consistent with GB 151-1989 Table 4-2 (a) requirements.
4.12 serpentine coil manufacture warm-up should meet the following requirements
4.12.1 preheat coil snake curvature, pitch uniformity, no wrinkles.
4.12.2 preheat coil snake in the joints should be GB 151-1989 4.3.3b, d, e requirements of manufacturing and testing.
4.13 No-load vacuum suction pressure of population is not greater than 8 kPa (absolute pressure).
4.14 Jin, centrifugal milk pump discharge should meet the QB / T 1826 requirements. The feed pump suction pressure is higher than 8.5 kPa
4.15 after assembly required
4.15.1 limit on the tube sheet level deviation is less than 2 / 1000 mm
4.15.2 pipe bending curvature and uniform, not wrinkled.
4.15.3 evaporator tube axis and the vertical plane of the board limit of deviation is less than 1 / 15 degrees.
4.15.4 When the device is running to the vacuum of space 0.092 MPa, stop the run, 30 min in vacuum should not exceed 10% loss
4.16 Where the provision of parts polished surface, polished texture uniform, neat, do not have burns, scratches and other defects. Surface roughness Ra is not greater than 1. 6 μm
4.17 Where the provisions of polished chrome-plated parts, should not fall off, dark, rough. Surface should be bright, the roughness Ra is not greater than 1.6 μm
4.18 If students painted parts, paint quality should be consistent QB / T 1588. 4 requirements.
4.19 Safety Requirements
4.19.1 Safety and Health should be consistent with the relevant provisions of GB 12073.
4.19.2 whole sound pressure level not higher than 85 dB (A)
4.20 in normal use, maintenance, product life of not less than 15 years.


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