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Key components of nuclear power in China - second nuclear power tapered cylinder forging successful evaporator
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Xinhua Harbin, August 22 (Xinhua Liang Dong) reflects the forging of international advanced level of key components of third-generation nuclear power nuclear power evaporator second tapered cylinder, recently in China First Heavy Industries Corporation (CFHI) 15000 tons forging press to complete.
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Tapered cylinder is a key component of nuclear power equipment, its technical parameters and performance indicators have a very high standard. The traditional method is to forging forged tube directly into a "bell" and rely on post-processing to achieve the ends of a large number of straight section of the technical requirements, but this waste of steel, an increase of cylinder manufacturing costs, while increasing the manufacturing cycle.

Compared with the second generation of nuclear power standard, AP1000 third-generation nuclear power technology has fewer welds, safety, operating efficiency obvious advantages, is the world's most advanced nuclear power market, the most secure commercial nuclear power technology. The shape of the third generation of nuclear power as a straight section of the evaporator, oblique segment attached, was rice bucket shape, the size of the end of the straight section of part of the largest forging difficulty.

In order to capture both ends of the cylinder directly forged straight section of the technical difficulties, the Chinese technical staff of a heavy pre-production repeated discussions, each calculated fire time during the forging process technology parameters, and innovation of various assistive devices. Technical officers are also based on past experience to redefine the placement of the mold to reduce a fire times, stretching the fire sub-forging efficiency by 70%. After several months of hard work the fire times, this cone-shaped cylinder forging a successful completion.

Earlier, a successful re-forged in early 2008, parts of the world's first third generation nuclear power key components - AP1000 conical tube evaporator, marking the third generation of nuclear power in China in the manufacturing field has gone in the forefront in the world. Experts believe that the cone shell from the "trumpet" to "rice bucket-shaped", is forging technology leap, to promote the domestic manufacture of nuclear components is important.


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