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Damage can only be renewed depreciation of the evaporator
发布者:admin  日期:2011-2-14 9:55:39  点击:1831

Siemens refrigerator life of only 3 and a half years? Recently, consumer package met Miss home refrigerator "trouble" after the report of the maintenance staff view, refrigerator evaporator is bad, can not be repaired, but only "depreciation of new ones", with a 3 and a half years from 6000 about the refrigerator child into a 2,000 yuan, which makes it difficult to accept bag lady.
    Miss July 2006 package to spend 6,000 yuan to buy a Siemens model 28f58ti three door refrigerator, the use of 2 years or so, the refrigerator started fresh layer of ice, including the customer service lady looking for Siemens repair, maintenance staff, said the refrigerator into the water hole blocked, so that Miss package clean up their own power. Since then, the bag lady every one to two months to clean up a power outage.

    Bag lady said that this year in April, fridge freezer surface temperature is 0 ℃, refrigerator alarm. After the repair, maintenance personnel will be Siemens refrigerator away view, and said "bad evaporator can not be repaired. Can only be renewed depreciation." "Five ten thousandths maintenance staff said that the depreciation per day, from July 2006 to this year's 4 month, only about 2,000 yuan. with a refrigerator until 3 years from 6000 into a 2,000 yuan, it is quite the Arabian Nights. "bag lady to communicate with Siemens in recent months are inconclusive.

    One question

    How long refrigerator life?

    According to appliance-related parties, the general standard of life of the refrigerator about 10 years. When a reporter twice as consumer customer service inquiries please call Siemens Siemens refrigerator life, the one staff member said that in about 15 years or so, but by the use of environmental impact. Another staff member claimed that given by the Chinese Academy of reference appliance life of about 10 years. Two staff members have said that Siemens is not the life of life of instructions written in text form.

    Which, Siemens relevant personnel yesterday responded that the design life of 10 years, but life can not be completely as a reference standard.

    Second question

    Evaporator must be bad new ones?

    It said Miss package, Siemens service personnel, said the "refrigerator evaporator bad, can not repair, can only be renewed depreciation." Consulted a number of reporters yesterday, refrigerator repair stations, the other bad, both said evaporator can "repair and replacement "" for an evaporator of about several hundred yuan. "

    Which, Siemens yesterday responded that indeed difficult for them to repair the refrigerator.

    - Progress

    Discounted fee of 2,000 yuan to improve

    As of press reporters yesterday, consumers and Siemens have reached a solution on the issue. Siemens had proposed two solutions: "depreciation replacement," the basis of price of 4,000 yuan, the purchase of new machines to fix the difference; "depreciation back machine" to recover the original machine and the discount of 2,000 yuan. But the bag lady that "life" of the refrigerator only 3 years due to quality issues, raised the discount of 6,000 yuan. Last night, both sides make concessions to each other, and reached 4,000 yuan to recover the original machine the consensus of the discount. Siemens said that the night will be discounted costs to send staff will be sent to customers, to release the customer worries. (Reporter Zou Le)


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