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Multi-effect evaporator
Fluctuation membrane evaporator
Wastewater treatment special much evaporator
Short distance distiller (popular name molecular distillation)
The characteristic of scraper
Film short distance complete set installment
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About us  
  Wuxi Hengyi chemical machinery co., ltd is a private science and technology company, and specializes in study and manufacture all kinds of evaporation equipments. Collecting study and production, accumulates rich experience of development,design and manufacture, and collects many successful example and evaporation data. We wish our company can provide perfect service for all customers.

   Evaporation equipment manufacturer :
※ Integrated system technology perfect  ※ Test equipment artistic  ※ Evaporation equipment category complete
※ Equipment type practical ※ Technological design reasonable  ※ Product processing excellent  ※ Technical service perfect

   As a professional manufacturer of evaporation, distillation equipment, providing related complete set installment is our duty. According to the character of material and the products’ demands, our company can choose the reasonable evaporation form and equipment for you. Meeting the customers’ demands is our objective.
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